ELIA Lesvos Confest

2nd International Elia Lesvos Confest


Lesvos 2024

The Eleas Nisos Lesvos Association is organizing the 2nd International Elia Lesvos Confest “Olive oil & Health” on Lesvos Island, with the support of the University of Yale and the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. This is an innovative event, in the framework of which scientists and professionals from the entire olive value chain will disseminate their knowledge and expertise on the contribution of extra virgin olive oil to human and planetary health and wellbeing. The great success of the 1st Elia Lesvos Confest 2022 has placed Lesvos firmly on the map of conferences on olive oil taking place around the world on an annual basis. With that success as our foundation, we continue on to our 2nd event with enthusiasm and an ambitious vision for the future.

About the Organizer


The Cultural Association Eleas Nisos Lesvos was founded in January 2020 with the aim of highlighting the the cultural and
historical dimension of the olive tree, current innovations, and modern applications of
olive oil production.

The main reference of the Association’s actions is to highlight the cultural and historical dimension of the olive tree, current innovations, and modern applications of olive oil production.

“We contribute to the development of our birthplace and our country, and we identify growth prospects in conference – MICE tourism when linked to education, the primary sector of production, and sustainability. Our island, our beautiful Lesvos, and our country overall can both become “Olive – Elia Ambassadors” to further promote culture, gastronomy, tourism,and drive regional growth.”


  • Olive oil: The ultimate health provider
  • Olive oil: The golden drop for health and healing
  • Olive oil in diet, well-being  & gastronomy
  • Olive oil & Technological innovations
  • How to build an olive oil brand
  • Olive oil culture
  • The tradition of Olive oil cultivation in space & time
  • Environment & Sustainability
  • Olive oil: Tourism – Marketing

Who can participate

Υοu can attend FOR Free the 3-day Confest if you belong to one or more of the following groups:

  • Olive producers – Olive mills
  • Agronomists – Environmentalists
  • Doctors and members of the wider scientific and academic community
  • Nutritionists
  • Food technologists
  • Catering professionals – Chefs – Olive Oil Conoisseurs
  • Tourism professionals (hoteliers, tour operators)

And of course… ALL OF YOU who wish to discover more about the scientific aspects
and benefits of olive oil on Lesvos Ιsland!

Meet the speakers

Our distinguished international and Greek speakers from top-tier universities in the USA and Europe will cover a wide range of topics in relation to olive oil aspects, starting from the international studies that highlight the benefits of olive oil polyphenols on health and well-being and extending to its cultural, gastronomy, tourism aspects withing a sustainable, green economy and new technologies.

Juan Antonio Parrilla Gonzalesz

Ph.D in Social and Legal Sciences, Professor in the Economics Department of University of Jaén and Business Manager of Picualia…

Alessandro Leone

Full Professor in Mechanics and agricultural mechanization and, Food Alessandro Leone is a Full Professor in Mechanics and agricultural mechanization and, Food Processing Plants, at the Department of Soil, Plant…

Mr. Domenico Pratico

MD, FCPP, Director of Alzheimer’s Centre at Temple University, USA. Professor of Neural Sciences at Temple University Domenico Praticò received his MD from the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. After…

Mayte Redondo Castuera

Travelife Coach, SUSTOUR project, Travel 2 Care People and Planet FounderTourism professional, founder in 2022 of Travel 2 Care People and Planet, an online tourism magazine whose vision is to…

Francesca Rocchi

Slow food guide for EVO, President PopOlio Francesca was born in Venice and there she graduated in philosophy. She is a taster and journalist in the Slow Food Guide to…

Andrea Paola Rojas Gil

Studies:1977-1981 Primary School (Escuela Anexa Femenina, Colombia)1981-1987 Secondary School (Liceo Nacional, Colombia)1988-1989 Czech language school1989-1994 Studies in Molecular Biology and Genetics at…

Maurizio Servili

Professor, Department of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences, University of Perugia Prof. Maurizio Servili – Department of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences, University of Perugia- via S. Costanzo, snc 06126…

Taherian Rafi

Associate Vice President – Yale University As the Associate Vice President of Yale Hospitality (YH), Rafi leads with a strong belief and commitment to leverage YH’s operations in creating opportunities…

Katerina Xekalou

Managing Director of AVLI Katerina G. Xekalou was born in Rethymno, Crete. She studied Political Science at the Athens Law School. She worked in Strasbourg at the European Parliament and…


Τhe confest will be moderated by:

Gianna Balafouti

Product creator, Gastronomy Instructor, Olive Magazine

Τhe festivities’ program will be coordinated by:

Tony Kavalieros

Chef, restaurant owner, culinary instructor, restaurant consultant, and cook-book author, Founder of, TheGreekChef.us and Savor Greece YouTube channel

Vasilis Leonidou

Executive Olive Oil Chef – Avli Restaurant, Rethymno

Fanis Maikantis

Executive chef & “Panigyri” Restaurant Owner, Co-owner Olive Oil Experience

Anna Spanou Kanaki

Consultante Gastronomique , Cheffe Cuisinière, Cheffe Pâtissière

Iosifellis Stratos

Executive Chef “Mythical Coast Hotel” Lesvos, “Greek Breakfast” Consultant Chef

Stanitsas Giannis

Executive Chef, Culinary Services & Consulting

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