Juan Antonio Parrilla Gonzalesz

Ph.D in Social and Legal Sciences, Professor in the Economics Department of University of Jaén and Business Manager of Picualia Oleoturismo, Spain

Diploma in Business Sciences and Bachelor of Business Administration and Management from the University of Jaén. Official Master’s Degree in Economics and Territorial Development from the Universities of Jaén, Huelva, Cádiz, Master’s in Marketing and Management from ESIC and Doctor in Social and Legal Sciences with the Outstanding CUM LAUDE qualification.

His lines of research focus on the olive oil sector and the culture of the olive grove from a multidisciplinary perspective, highlighting works related to olive-oil tourism and diversification of oil mills, social innovation and the use of oil mills as useful entities to develop technological initiatives, patrimonial and diversifying. Various book chapters and monographs are included on cooperative oil mills as instruments for revitalizing the territory, as well as different impact research articles in the Journal Citation Index related to the economy and tourism in the olive oil sector.

Specifically, the themes of social innovation applied to the olive sector and oil mills, oil tourism and the diversification of olive oil businesses, social networks and the importance of electronic commerce applied to the olive oil sector stand out.

Since 2015, he has been the coordinator of various cooperative entities and oil mills that seek to increase competitiveness and diversification through oil tourism or the production of superior quality oils, also, from 2017 to 2021, he has served as secretary of the Olivar Interpretation Center and Oil located in Úbeda (Jaén). Starting in 2017, there have been several research transfer contracts with the company Picualia (Bailén, Jaén), considered one of the model oil mills of the 21st century and awarded as the Best Oil Mill in Spain.

He currently carries out his professional activity as Technical Advisor and Technical Director in Picualia, highlighting various projects aimed at improving the competitiveness of this oil mill and exercising his compatibility with that of Professor in the Department of Economics of the University of Jaén since September 2017. In 2022 he has been a collaborator at the University of Turin in the study of the implementation of advanced technologies such as precision agriculture through drones or blockchain systems to improve management in oil mills. The Co-direction of the University Expert in Social Networks and Electronic Commerce applied to the olive sector at the International University of Andalusia stands out, and the teaching and organization of different Evaluation Courts of the International School of Management (Granada) and ESIC: Business School. At the University of Jaén, the teaching given both in degrees and Masters is characterized by being varied and bilingual, especially in the subjects Spanish Financial System and Macreoeconomic Environment of Business, of the degree in Business and Management of the University of Jaén as well as in the degree in Tourism from said University.

Topic: Olive oil tourism: New strategies and its development in order to create unique experiences