Postponement of the 2 nd ELIA Lesvos Confest

The ELIA Lesvos Confest organized by the Cultural Association “Eleas Nisos Lesvos” on
the island of Lesvos is a valuable project that highlights the value of olive and olive oil in
the scientific community, their contribution to human and planetary health, their critical
importance in unfolding the history and culture of the place.
People from all over the world, scientists, experts, professionals, and volunteers have
embraced this innovative project, radiating the scientific knowledge of olive and olive oil
throughout the olive value chain which can also be addressed to the general public.
With a deep sense of responsibility for the uninterrupted realization of this vision, and with
a firm focus on the continuous upgrading of the dynamics and visibility of ELIA Lesvos
Confest, we announce the postponement of the 2nd ELIA Lesvos Confest that was
scheduled for September 22-24, 2023. The postponement of the dates was deemed
necessary due to the upcoming Municipal and Regional elections and the electoral
processes surrounding the October election.

The new dates for the 2nd ELIA Lesvos confest are to be announced around the end of
September and will be set according to the best possible attention, visibility, and
effectiveness of an event of local and international dimensions.
The appointment for the knowledgeable journey and experience that ELIA Lesvos Confest
so generously offers us is now renewed.