Antonios Tirpintiris

Antonios Tirpintiris, Enterpreneur Mechanical and Electrical Engineer of the National Technical University of Athens, Founder of Sigri Olive Mill & Group Falcon SA.
He started his career traveling and discovering the world as an Engineer Officer in the Merchant Navy. He continued in a research position at the Greek Defense Systems and then in the Management of a food ingredients industry as a Mechanical Engineer of NTUA. He went private by founding companies in various sectors such as production and trading of food ingredients, shipping, construction of luxury, commercial and residential buildings and food commerce in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans. In recent years, he has devoted his time to realize his vision for sustainable development in his home village of Sigri Lesvos. Through innovative cultivation processes and respect for the planet, he created an ecological miracle, giving life to a deserted place of 2 thousand acres by planting more than 40,000 olive trees and 20,000 other species of trees and plants, thus developing conditions that contribute to the biodiversity of the area. He has established a model olive mill of high technology and architecture, Sigri Olive Mill, where the innovative production parameters are adapted according to the quality and variety of olives, producing the excellent quality Ol’eve olive oil. The new ecosystem as well as the facilities in Sigri contribute to the upgrading and international promotion of the area, offering jobs to the local community. Through the product and cultural promotion of olive oil and this amazing story as an example and business idea, more people are joining this movement for the wellbeing of the planet, the environment and humanity.

Topic: Sustainable development with olive groves and combating climate change.