Maria Athanasopoulou

Maria Athanasopoulou is the founder of the tourism marketing company Respond On
Demand, which for fifteen years has been organizing professional meetings for Greek
tourism entrepreneurs and travel agents from abroad, with the aim of strengthening
incoming tourism in Greece. She is also the owner of the non-profit forum Top Tourism,
which aims to spread Greek culture and Sustainable Tourism. She is a graduate of the Law
School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and has completed the following courses
and seminars: Travel and tourism Course, Brentwood Open Learning College, United
Kingdom Search Engine Marketing, eMarketing Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark Social
Media Marketing, eMarketing Institute , Copenhagen, Denmark Online Marketing
Fundamentals, eMarketing Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark Web Analytics, eMarketing
Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark Content Strategy MasterClass, by Content Marketing
Conference, Boston, Master Culinary Travel Professional by World Food Travel Association.
Maria Athanasopoulou is Chairwoman of the World Food Travel Association and Certified
Ambassador of the World Food Travel Association in Greece. She is ambassador in Greece
and Cyprus of the World Gourmet Society, chapter leader of Travel Massive in Greece and
ambassador of the international organization Green Destinations in Greece. She is a
sustainable tourism marketing expert. She has held sales, marketing and culinary tourism
seminars for tourism professionals and tourist destinations, as well as many speeches and
presentations on topics related to tourism and culture, at events in Greece and abroad.