Ioannis Protoulis

Co-owner, Protoulis Master Olive Oil Makers company

Protoulis Master Olive Oil Makers company counts 48 years old since its foundation. My family has been involved in olive growing for 4 consecutive generations, first as simple producers, then as olive presses and now as standardizers. The 30 estates of olive trees that my great-grandfather originally owned, we have managed to exceed them to 700 with a total of more than 15.000 olive trees. The two vertically integrated units that we maintain in the wider area of Plomari allow us to respond to the needs of large customers by exporting our products to 13 countries around the world. At the same time, the many distinctions we have received from 2002 until today, certify our operation with continuity, consistency and seriousness. In recent years, however, we have developed and implemented a comprehensive program of guided tours to our olive mills that can be visited, which significantly contributes to the tourism development of the region and the wider island, promoting at the same time the uniqueness of our national product. 

Topic: Olive oil, our heritage